Board of Directors

Qadeer Baig


Director Youth
Engagement Program,

IRD Pakistan

Nadira Panjwani


Founder, Panjwani Charitable Foundation and Trust

Ahson Rabbani


CEO, Child Life


Mazhar Valjee


Leadership role,

House of Habib

Raza Pirbhai


CEO, Cupola Group
(KFC Pakistan)

Marium Tareen


Social Development

Qazi Azmat Isa


Former CEO, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund

Advisory Team

Muhammad Sohail Tabba


Mr. Sohail Tabba is the Chairman of Yunus Energy Limited & CEO of Lucky Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. and a renowned philanthropist. As advisor to FESF, he provides guidance in strategic fund development and resource mobilization.

Abdul Rehman Yaqub


Mr. Abdul Rehman Yaqub is the Non-Executive Director of Feroze 1888 Mills LLC, a global leader in the world textile industry. In his advisory capacity for FESF, he assists with resource mobilization and diaspora management strategies.

Muhammad Amin Markatia


Mr. Muhammad Amin Markatia is an accomplished entrepreneur with expertise in Technology, Telecom, Real Estate, and Distribution. He provides FESF with strategic guidance for expanding services, reaching new communities, and growing donor support.

Ovais Iqbal

Goodwill Ambassador, North America

Mr. Ovais Iqbal is a Canada based Pakistani humanitarian and Director Systems at Cisco, Canada. He serves as Deaf Reach’s Goodwill Ambassador for North America. In recognition of his service to FESF, Cisco awarded him with the Global Community Hero Award 2019.

Management Team

Richard Geary

Founder & Director Programs

Under Richard’s leadership, FESF’s Deaf Reach Program was initiated in 1998, growing to seven Deaf Reach Schools, Colleges & Training Centers providing education, skills training and employment to the Deaf community in Pakistan.

Heidi Gustanski-Geary

Founder & Education Director

Heidi has overseen educational and vocational programs for Deaf Reach Schools, Training Centers & Colleges since their inception in 1998, including administration and operations, and teacher development.

Muhammad Osama


Muhammad Osama manages the implementation and business assessment of all critical aspects of FESF, including Financial, Administration, Legal Compliance, and Human Resource departments.

Daniel M. Lanthier

Operations Director & Company Secretary

Manages the oversight of essential affairs and ensures quality maintenance of FESF’s infrastructure and assets, as well as planning the deployment of material and resources.

Francis Doherty

Donor Engagement Director

Francis has over 30 years in the social development field, and presently focuses on donor engagement and resource mobilization, both locally and internationally, to help build capacity across FESF’s programs and projects.

Maria Paola Doherty

Philanthropy Director

With 3 decades of experience in social development, teacher training and early learning programs, Maria currently engages in resource mobilization, helping to manage and guide FESF’s support strategies and targets.

Aaron Awasen

PSL Development Director

Develops and oversees PSL programs and initiatives, ensuring the advancement and accessibility of sign language for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community in Pakistan in line with international policies and best practices.

Arij Khan

Asst Director Educational Development

Arij is an educator with a BSc from Brunel & PGCE from University College, London. As a member of the Deaf community, Arij is committed to inclusive education and oversees FESF’s curriculum development.

Faysal Mustafa Soomro

Sr. Manager, Marketing & Partnerships

Faysal is responsible for developing and executing strategic marketing campaigns, and building partnerships that can maximize the reach and impact of FESF’s programs.