Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF) is a charitable organization committed to education and social impact in Pakistan. We focus on the empowerment of disadvantaged deaf children and youth through a holistic approach to deaf education, skills training, job placement, and sign language development – creating lasting change in their lives and that of their families.

Meeral Ali

Meeral works at a bank in Dubai and volunteers at Deaf Reach when she visits Karachi.

“Whenever you visit Deaf Reach School, you will feel that they have one of the bestset-ups in Pakistan! They have the best classrooms for students to learn new things. The teachers are very hands-on and help students study for their exams, which then helps the students get jobs. Deaf Reach also has online courses to help parents learn sign language so they can communicate with their children.”

Ameerah Sarwana

Ameerah, a student of sciences, completed an internship at Deaf Reach.

“My internship at the Deaf Reach School was truly a transformative experience. The institution and the work being done by all individuals exceeded my expectations and it was unlike any institution I have ever been to. There was a powerful sense of understanding and togetherness between all individuals, deaf or hearing and young or old. My experience at the school has reshaped my ideas and I believe that it is vital to understand that being deaf does not limit anyone’s abilities.”

Sennur Khoso

Sennur is a visiting student from North America who completed her internship at the Deaf Reach Karachi campus.

“The Deaf Reach School was so different from any others that I had seen, the teachers so dedicated, the students so interested, and the administration so considerate. Overall, the experience challenged my initial perception of the Deaf community, and I came out of the internship with a deeper understanding of Deaf culture. The passion of the students and teachers has left an impression on me.”

Natasha Khoso

Natasha is a student committed to learning about the Deaf community and contributing to their learning experience.

“In the week I spent at Deaf Reach there were many highlights. After spending the week immersed in Deaf culture, I was able to gain a deeper insight into the Deaf community. I would urge everyone to visit the school and see the efforts that are being put into providing these students with great facilities. The experience and the people have left a long-lasting impression on me.”

Partner With us

Our work would not be possible without the generous support of our volunteers from around the world who give of their time to support Deaf Education in Pakistan. You can make a difference!