A Story of Fulfilling Dreams – Meet Maimoona


As the only deaf member in her family, Maimoona faced challenges in communication and struggled to receive quality education while studying in a non-sign language based school system. However, it all changed when she enrolled in Deaf Reach School in Karachi, which not only provided her with education but also helped her realize her potential through different vocational training courses. With her newfound confidence, Maimoona pursued her dream of becoming a teacher and learned valuable skills like hand embroidery and stitching at the vocational training center operated by Deaf Reach called Dast’Khat. 
Today, Maimoona proudly works as a vocational skills trainer at Dast’Khat, passing on her knowledge and skills to students enrolled in the stitching and embroidery program. She has become an equal contributor to her household, supporting her family financially during difficult times of inflation and job loss. Maimoona’s story is a testament to the fact that women are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to and that with determination and support, even the toughest of obstacles can be overcome. However, this requires an enabling environment, access to the proper resources and skill development – all of which are a key focus at Deaf Reach.

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