Eighteen Deaf Reach Scholars Achieve A1 Grade in Board Exams

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Deaf Reach is delighted to announce that 18 of our young scholars from our Karachi and Rashidabad campuses achieved A1 Grade (distinction) in the Higher Secondary (HSC 2) final year board exams.

For most of these students, their academic journey began over a decade ago at Deaf Reach. Enrolled in the primary education and vocational training programs, the students were nurtured in a holistic learning environment. To support their continued learning, Deaf Reach initiated a Parent Training Program to teach Pakistan Sign Language (PSL), foster deaf culture and solve any learning and behavioral challenges faced at home.

As the students progressed in their classes, the Deaf Reach Program evolved to cater to higher education. All 18 graduates will continue their education journey by enrolling in the Deaf Reach Bachelor of Arts Program in the next term. We are extremely proud of our students and their teachers for this great accomplishment.

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