Aiman – The Incredible Story of a Deaf Chef

Aiman – The Incredible Story of a Deaf Chef

Meet Aiman, an incredibly talented girl from a village near Nawabshah and the only deaf person in her family. As a child, she experienced isolation and neglect until she finally found her safe haven at Deaf Reach.

Your constant support has not only provided Aiman with an education but also enabled her to make her mark in the culinary world – a talent she never knew she possessed. Today, she runs her own food business, impressing her clients with her flavorful creations. Watch this video to see how Deaf Reach helped Aiman turn her dreams into reality:

Countless deaf children in Pakistan, like Aiman, await the chance to go to school and potentially transform their future. Deaf Reach is enabling them to turn their dreams into reality.

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Your donations can ensure that deaf children in Pakistan receive an education and opportunities for their future. Donors can claim income tax credit on donations made to FESF. FESF is approved and eligible for Zakat by Zakat & Ushr Dept., Gov’t of Pakistan. All Zakat donations are tax exempted.